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September 2021 Board News

September 1, 2021

You’re watching me start a new thing here … the Executive Director’s blog! Now that our weekly digest offers a bulletin of events, my intention here is to help you keep up with our Board news as well as the things we’re working on behind the screens. 

I’m happy to report that we’ve had some great recent changes at CaliCoaches. Our new team is performing really well, and my assistant, Susan Casey, has stepped into the Director of Outreach role. Susan has been a big help to me for years through my own business and I’m happy to have her help here as well.

After a long hiatus due to COVID and the fires, our networking events have returned. We’ve shifted the format to allow for pure conversations and connection between members. To me, it feels like the “old days” when we used to get together for drinks at the Red or the 515! 

Operationally, we continue our efforts to make our systems more efficient and user-friendly. I’m particularly excited about the streamlined Registration Center, which surprised and delighted all of us with it’s ease of use! 

As our new team got our socials dialed in, we’re now able to publish our member’s blogs through our social channels and have added this to the list of great benefits for Catalyst and Expert members. If you’re already a member, check the Member Portal for the form to send in with your RSS feed.  
And finally, help me welcome our newest board member, Debbie Hoffman. Debbie is a heart-centered sales & follow-up expert, speaker, and founder of “Power-Up! Your Follow-Up.” Located in San Ramon, California, she’s bringing a lot of expertise, passion, and enthusiasm for the California Coaches community. She’s smart and talented, and I’m really enjoying her presence on the Board. Welcome, Debbie!

There are lots of good changes happening around here, as you can see. I hope the same is true for you as we enter the autumn season​​!

To your success,

Kimberly Errigo, MCC
Executive Director, Founder and Board Chair, 2016-2022