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October 2022 Board News

October 1, 2022

Hello Everyone!  This month’s Board News leads with huge thanks to VP of Communications, Gabriela Buich for getting “Board News” out to you last month as our Founder and out-going Executive Director, Kimberly Errigo, transitions Board duties to those of us that remain committed to serving our mission of increasing the value and impact of our organization to your professional pursuits.

Several of us were introduced last month including Director of Finance, Tom Summers; and myself, VP of Programs, Jeffrey Klubeck.  To those introductions, we have an update and an addition.  First the addition!

Please join me in welcoming to our Board, Dr. Tom Teague in the VP of Operations capacity.  Dr. Tom, as we call him, has a storied and accomplished background which includes being Technical Advisor to NASA and US Federal Trade Commission.

Most relevant to our community is that Dr. Tom is currently the President of the Professional Coaches Alliance with whom we are pleased to announce the building of a PASSPORT in order that our members can experience each organization’s events.  The details of the PASSPORT and how exactly you can check out PCA events is forthcoming in the days ahead.

Second, by way of updates, it was in our last Board meeting that I was nominated and voted in as Executive Director replacing Kimberly to the best of my abilities.  I will continue to serve as VP of Programs and I will continue to assist our VP of Communications.  My primary focus, however, will be working with Dr. Tom on the bridge we are building with PCA for our collective memberships.

By the way, did you know that Cali Coaches was originally “Santa Cruz Coaches” and PCA was previously “San Diego PCA”?  As it is the goal of both organizations to expand beyond their founding cities to national reach in our respective missions, we believe the PASSPORT is the beginning of more exciting news to come!

I hope to see you at an upcoming CaliCoaches or PCA Event.  Please contact me using the info below  with any questions, comments, or ideas … I would absolutely love to hear from you!

To your success!

Jeffrey Klubeck, M.A.
Executive Director-Elect

Call: 619-405-3356