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November 2022 Board News

November 1, 2022

Hello Everyone and welcome to November! The two previous installments of Board News announced additions to our Board that include VP of Finance, Tom Summers and VP of Operations, Dr. Tom Teague who is also the President of Professional Coaches Alliance (PCA). We announced that we have been working with Dr. Tom and PCA to build a bridge to each other’s membership in the form of a PASSPORT that allows each organization to experience each others full membership benefits for FREE for 3 months (and only $58 for non-members). The PASSPORT was launched on October 2nd and we hope you all take advantage of it!

It is with this “bridge to PCA” in mind that I have begun outreach to our community including some face-time with Tom/Dr. Tom in late October and a phone call/email campaign to you, our members. If you have not already, please expect to get a phone call from me in the days ahead with the following questions in hand:

  • How has Cali Coaches membership been going for you?
  • What do you love and what would you like to see added/changed from a “Programs” perspective for your membership to be valued even more!
  • Have you checked out the Passport and PCA’s offerings (including chances to network with their leaders and members)?
  • Are you interested in the benefits of volunteering to serve our Board and Community in any capacity?

While I hope to connect and chat with each of you personally, you can always answer these questions in an email to us at:

Finally, as a Board we will be deciding by November 10th if we will be hosting an online Holiday Party again this year. Please contact us with your interest level in an online Cali Coaches Holiday party in 2022. Have a great November in the meanwhile!

To your success!

Jeffrey Klubeck, M.A.
Executive Director-Elect

Call: 619-405-3356

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