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Board of Directors Guidebook

Board of Directors Guidebook

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How To:

Use the California Coaches logo and LinkedIn branding to showcase your contribution to this professional community!

  • Put the CaliCoaches logo on any of your publicity materials or website
  • Add CaliCoaches to your LinkedIn profile 

How to get started: 

Grab your copy of our logo by right-clicking and saving the image at the bottom of this page.

Log in to your LinkedIn. Add CaliCoaches under “Experience” (after adding, be sure to drag the listing down under your primary business) or under “Volunteering” if you prefer. Feel free to use the following formatting:

Board Member

California Coaches

Dates Employed (use your board agreement start date)

As a Board member of this organization of professional and lifestyle coaches, I contribute my expertise in ___________.

When it ends:

You can continue to use our branding as long as you’re on the board! After that, please change your role accordingly. 

Who to contact with questions: