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May 2022 Board News: VP Elections

May 11, 2022

The Board of Directors of California Coaches would like to announce the election of two new Vice-Presidents! These leaders will guide and support the organization through the leadership transition created from the resignation of our Executive Director, Kimberly Errigo. 

Meg Dennison has served as a member of the Board of Directors since March 2021. Additionally, she holds the office of Secretary of the Board. Meg has demonstrated a strong commitment to California Coaches, and the Board benefits from her grounded presence and no-nonsense approach.

Jeffrey Klubeck is a relative newcomer to the board, joining us in March 2022. Known for bottom-lining the discussion into next steps, Jeffrey is a strong tactical leader as well as a thoughtful contributor. The board benefits from his sense of humor as well as his fearlessness in stepping up!

Kimberly says:

“Meg and Jeff both bring a wealth of expertise as well as passion for the mission of California Coaches. I have complete confidence in their capacity to lead the Board through the transition ahead as our new Vice-Presidents.”

Read more about our board members here.

We are excited about these changes on the board and hope you will join us in congratulating Meg and Jeff!

With great appreciation,

Meg, Debbie, Karmen, Anne, David, Jeffrey, and Kimberly
The Leadership Team