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March 2022 Board News

March 1, 2022

Since California Coaches began, we’ve let anyone attend our events – whether they were a member or a nonmember. It’s been fun to meet so many new people! 

Today, that’s changing. Effective March 1, all of our programs will be exclusive and FREE for registered members, while nonmembers will only be able to attend BIZLABS and Lunch & Learns after purchasing a guest ticket. 

We’ll host open houses every quarter so nonmembers can explore the community. The rest of the time, the fantastic benefits of membership will be exclusive to our members.

This is one way we’re creating a sustainable organization to serve you over the long term!

ALSO >>> we’ve updated our membership benefits and made them even better! For instance, our Social membership price now includes one Mastermind round (value: $1500) … and our Expert membership now includes access to the monthly Power Partner collaboration salon for Expert members (priceless!). 

AND >>> effective April 1, our membership prices for new members will be changing. (If you’re already a member, you’ll receive the NEW member benefits at your current rate.) 

You’ll receive all of our NEW member benefits at the old rate if you join before April 1st! 

Become a member today and get the leverage you need to skyrocket your coaching business. Let us welcome you to the CaliCoaches community!

With appreciation,

Kimberly, Meg, Debbie, Karmen, and David
The Leadership Team

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