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Our Story

Our Story

Hi! I’m Kimberly Errigo, the founder of California Coaches. Thanks for visiting! 

When I moved to Santa Cruz, California from the Midwest as a coach and solopreneur, my first winter away from everyone I knew was hard. I discovered that I really wanted a holiday party. Unfortunately, I wasn’t part of a company that was providing one because I worked for myself. So I decided to connect with other coaches in the community and we hosted our own! 

The community continued to grow to the point where in 2018 we incorporated as an official 501(c)6 nonprofit business association for coaches. We intentionally didn’t become a subchapter of the International Coach Federation in order to embrace the diverse group of coaches that we have in the community. We were called Santa Cruz Coaches, and our holiday party became a time to celebrate the holidays, coaches, and the community we were building. 

In 2020, we brought on a new board of high level coaches who were inspired by the vision of what we could become. And early in 2021, we made the decision to scale across California and became the organization you see today!

It’s a true honor to serve as the chair of this organization, and I’m touched by the stories of how we’ve helped our members thrive while they grow their coaching practices. We’re very excited about the growth that’s yet to come. Join us in the journey! 

Kimberly Errigo, MA, MCC
Founder and Board Chair, 2016-2022