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Gift Giveaway

If you work with coaches and you have a mailing list ....

Contribute to our Gift Giveaway!

California Coaches hosts multiple Gift Giveaways every year to provide valuable resources for the coaches in our audience as well as help you grow your list. 

You do not need to be located in California to participate, but it helps if you have Californians in your existing audience. Click the button below to learn more, or book a call with our Giveaway Manager, Michael, to get your questions answered! 

November 1 – 21, 2021
January 10 – 28, 2022
April 4 – 22, 2022
July 11 – 30, 2022
October 10 – 28, 2022

Catalyst members get a $100 discount and Expert members participate for free, every time!