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Get Your Talk Ready to Rock Bootcamp with Leisa Reid

business training from our colleague, Leisa Reid

Get Your Talk Ready to Rock Bootcamp

If you would like to grow your business through the power of public speaking, then this is the course for you!

Develop the #1 tool you need to be an EFFECTIVE Speaker!
A TALK Ready to ROCK!

California Coaches is excited to sponsor Leisa Reid’s Get Your Talk Ready to Rock Bootcamp!

In this program, you will get expert lessons and strategies to create a talk that you can share on stage to your ideal prospects. You will create:

  • An ACTION INVITATION that gives the audience clear and confident direction of what to do at the end of the talk.
  • A PLAN TO MONETIZE your talk, so that you can make money from your first speaking gig!
  • COMPELLING LEARNING POINTS that make it easy for meeting planners to say, YES!
  • A clear DESCRIPTION OF YOUR TALK that reflects your credibility and expertise!
  • AN ATTRACTIVE TITLE so that you can stand out from your competition!

In this program, you will have a talk that you can immediately offer as a SPEAKER! You will also get access to several bonuses like…

  • The Get Your Talk Ready to Rock Workbook & Template
  • 2 BONUS Trainings
  • A Free Ticket to the OC Speakers Network

You will have CONFIDENCE knowing that you have a signature talk in your back pocket that is AUTHENTIC to you, in ALIGNMENT with who you are and MOVES the audience so you can increase your profits & make an impact!

And here’s the best part: Leisa is graciously extending a special offer to California Coaches to attend this program at a highly discounted rate. To take advantage of this generous gift, go to and enter the code “CALICOACHES” at checkout for the pricing of only $197!

Register with the code CALICOACHES!


This highly-effective course will show you the step-by-step method to creating multiple talks that can help to attract your ideal clients and grow your business. As the Founder of Get Speaking Gigs Now, Leisa Reid mentors business professionals who want to grow their business using the power of public speaking. As a speaker herself, Leisa has delivered over 600 speaking engagements, and can show you how to get booked on stages as well!

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