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California Coaches 4th Annual (Virtual) Holiday Party with Gay Hendricks!

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A Very Genius (Virtual) Holiday Party with Gay Hendricks!

Celebrate our 4th Annual Holiday Party with Gay Hendricks, author of Conscious Loving and The Big Leap!

Wednesday Dec 15 from 5-7 p.m. PT, on ZOOM

California Coaches is proud and excited to host our Fourth Annual Holiday Party on Dec. 15 from 5-7 p.m PT! This party is OVER ZOOM so you can join from anywhere in California …

Join us for an evening of celebration and merriment with our community and our special guest speaker, Gay Hendricks!

We’ll take a few minutes to get to know each other with some genius mingling, and then Gay will talk about how you can develop your genius. We’ll have time for questions and the opportunity to meet and celebrate each other!

Your $10 donation supports our free programs, including masterminds, networking and round tables throughout the year. Thanks for being a part of this community! 

Our Special Guest: Gay Hendricks

Gay Hendricks, PhD, has served for more than forty years as one of the major contributors to the fields of relationship transformation and body-mind therapies. He’s coached thousand of people and he’s a New York Times bestselling author. His books include Conscious Loving and The Big Leap, which has become an essential resource for coaches, entrepreneurs and executive and health practitioners. 
In his newest book, The Genius Zone, Gay introduces us to the Genius Move — a simple, life-altering practice that ends negative thinking! By using the Genius Move, you’ll learn to spend more of your life in your zone of genius—where creativity flows freely and they are actively pursuing the things that offer fulfillment and satisfaction. 

Genius Zone Book